Our Story


  • Barbados is a small Island, approximately 166 square miles. The Electric Car Rentals dream was born when we realized that our Island is much too small to be consuming US$400M in fossil fuels every year…That’s US$1,400 per person per year…US$2.4M per square mile…you get the point.

  • Instead of trying to “boil the ocean” (imagine how much energy that would consume…hmmm), we decided to look at one thing we can do to make a difference. We decided to ask you, our valued customers, to help us by reducing your consumption through the use of fuel efficient cars. By selecting an eco-friendly car hire you not only help reduce our consumption but you also help keep our Island clean and beautiful for everyone to continuously enjoy, while saving yourself money at the same time. A perfect outcome isn’t it?

  • Electric Car Rentals is leading the green transportation revolution through the provision of fuel efficient, reliable, and compelling green cars for hire to tourists and locals alike.

  • Our commitment to you is to continue our revolution by upgrading our fleet and constantly providing you with new, interesting cars to try and enjoy our Island in.

  • We want you to be a part of this dream by recommending vehicles and contributing to our community and the growth of this company.

  • Remember, we have over 1,000 breathtaking views to behold. The inside of a gas station isn’t one of them! Go green, rent clean. Go Electric Car Rentals

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