Toyota Prius C

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The Toyota Prius c (c stands for "city"), named the Toyota Aqua in Japan, is a full hybrid gasoline-electric subcompact hatchback produced by Toyota Motor Corporation.

The Prius c is the third member of the Prius family, and combines the features of a Yaris-sized car with a hybrid powertrain. The Prius c is priced lower than the conventional Prius and has a higher fuel economy in city driving under United States Environmental Protection Agency test cycles.  The Prius c is ranked by the EPA as the 2012 most fuel efficient compact car when plug-in electric vehicles are excluded.

The Aqua is considered the most successful nameplate launch in Japan in the last 20 years,  and as of March 2013, the Prius c/Aqua ranked as the second Toyota Motor Corporation most sold hybrid after the regular Prius.   Since its release, more than 500,000 units have been sold worldwide through August 2013, and sales are led by Japan with 448,703 Aquas, followed by the U.S. with 65,583 Prius C.





  • Trunk Space
    Trunk Space

    Can comfortably store 1 large and 2 carry on suitcases.  3 large and 3 small if the rear seats are folded.

  • Dashboard (1/2)
    Dashboard (1/2)

    Neatly arranged controls enable front passenger to operate some functions (safe driving).

  • Dashboard (2/2)
    Dashboard (2/2)

    Hard plastic finish, with high quality rubber accents

  • Front Panel
    Front Panel

    Comfortably accommodates a height of 5ft 11in.  2 cup holders.  2 Airbags each.

  • Rear Panel
    Rear Panel

    Seats 3 comfortably.  2 if using fold-away cup holders. 

  • Gear box
    Gear box

    The 2013 Toyota Prius c is equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

  • Driver's console
    Driver's console

    Finger-tip access to most features, including sound, A/C and GPS.

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